Letter to Ewhaian


주(고) 동혜(영문학과 '50 졸업)


Dear Ewhaian of North America:

One Glorious September morning last year, our blessed land of liberty was shattered by terrorists. We recoil in horror at the magnitude of the evil that they perpetrated. We mourn the victims of violence. We comfort those who lost loved ones in this tragedy. We are inspired by the extraordinary heroism of those who risked their own lives to help others.

Suddenly, Peace seems so far away. Yet, longing for the Autumn my farther experienced some seventy years ago, I want to share with you one of his poems.


Scenes from Autumn

The rain comes and turns the river dark red

When the crumbling road stretches its bare feet

into the sinking sun

My weary dreams too take a respite.

Bumper crops blaring in the millet field

A flock of birds flew over the prairie in disarray

When cow's lowing resonates in wind from afar

Quietly, my mind closes its eyes.

As the scent of pine spreads

Across the dense grassy forest

When the earth and 'autumn' aroma permeates

All my senses open mouth like a fish to inhale.

After the dusk arrives unannounced

And all the uproar is tucked under my cloak

Then, only then, my five senses pierce through the secret

to decipher a voice profounder.


가을 멧견

시인 주 요한

비 와서 강물은 벌겋고

무너진 산길이 석양에

그 벗은 다리를 쉬일 제

내 곤한 꿈도 쉽니다.

조밭에 방울이 요란하고

어지러운 새떼는 들을 건너며

바람결에 소 울음 멀리 들릴 제

내 마음은 가만히 눈감습니다.

솥밭에 송 냄새 그윽하고

우거져 익어 가는 풀숲에서

흙과 '가을'이 향기로울 때

내 감각은 물고기같이 입 벌립니다.

그러나 저녁이 몰래 와서

모든 요란을 그 옷자락에 쌀 때라야

나의 오관은 비밀을 뚫어보고

더 오묘한 소리를 알아냅니다.

As we welcome the new year, I recall the voice of Pope Paul II, "I pray that this inhuman act will awaken in the hearts of the world's firm resolve to reject the ways of violence, to combat everything that sows hatred and division within the human family, and to work for the dawn of a new era of international cooperation inspired in the highest ideals of solidarity, justice and peace."

Hope you will be blessed with strength and peace in the coming year.

Tong-He Koh

편집자 노트 :

지난 20여년 가까이 주 동혜 동창(Tong-He Koh, Ph. D., 영문 '50)이 아버님 고 주 요한 시인의 영역 시 한편과 짧은 몇 마디의 연말 편지로 시카고 지역 동창들, 친지들의 마음을 훈훈하게 해주고 있어 북 미주 모든 동창들과도 함께 나누고자 한다.


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