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An online community for Ewha Alumnae of North America

Welcome to the home site of the Ewha Women's University Alumnae Association of North America (EWUAANA). We are glad you are keeping in touch with your alumnae of North America. Please join us often for a regular itinerary of activities, networking, and community building.

The EWUAANA was established on May 5, 2001, in Chicago, Illinois, by the 131 Founding Board of Directors. 

As any alumnae association, our goals are:    
   1.  to facilitate the development and prosperity of the alma mater;
   2.  to promote mutual friendship/networking among the alumnae;
   3.  to strengthen the relationship between the alma mater and
the alumnae
   4.  to provide scholarships/grants to promote higher education and leadership for women.

As Ewhaians living in North America, we have added challenges/responsibilities imposed upon us by the unique constraints of time and place. The goals of Ewhaians of North America include:
5.  As an alumnae of the largest Women's University in the World,
        to contribute to the well-being of the world by cultivating women leaders; and
6.  to provide mutual support/assistance among the alumnae, using the  highly developed communication technology of the information age.

For further information about the Ewhaian web site, suggestions or any requests, please send emails to ewhaian@ewhaian.org.



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